Some of the people & organisations I have worked with. 

Steve Wilson

Director of Collaboration & Development

Kent Commercial Services

“I worked with Jacqui on a project to create a public to public, joint venture company. The project lasted approximately 9 months and throughout that time Jacqui proved to be a focussed, driven, inspirational leader, who’s invaluable energy and commercial insight ensured the project was delivered to specification and on time. Aside from her commercial skills, Jacqui establishes a balanced environment of challenge and humour, to ensure that results are realised”


Tamar Oliver Lovindeer-Robinson


“Day zero until now, Jacqui has been a stalwart. Passionate, positive and down to earth.

She asks the right questions and isn't afraid to be direct when trying to get to the root of the issue. She's friendly, approachable and humble, always willing to make the other person's feel comfortable and empowered.

She is a great operator, organised and detailed so when she's involved you know it's going to be a good project. Jacqui is a role model who goes above and beyond to support her community.

Thank you for your help and support"


“Cllr Jacqui Burnett has been a member of the Area Council South East, Arts Council England since 2015. I have worked with Jacqui as Chair of the Area Council since 2017, joining at a time when the Arts Council was to re-vision a 10 year Strategy that led to Let’s Create.

The vision for Let’s Create responded to a clarion call for a more inclusive arts and culture sector, to see all of England engaged, imaginative, included, creative – and owning our responsibility in the delivery of these ambitions as a Council.

Jacqui’s contribution to the debate at Council for an inclusive sector, emboldened the vision, pace and delivery expectations for this work, and on a personal level, supported my own critical thinking and engagement on anti-racism in arts and culture.”


Professor Roni Brown

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

University of the Arts London

Jose Santiago


Generational Wealth Founder

"Jacqui is engaging; to the point; pioneering; and has the ability to explain complex issues in a way that everyone understands because she can truly connect with the audience.

Her presentations move new thinking forward for solid outcomes and improvements, in an enlightening, informative, positive and educational way by using stories and experiences"


“Following on from the session you did some months back, I just wanted you to know that it was the most interesting and informative set of speaker sessions I have ever listened to that had such a big impact on me. I learnt so much that day about folks struggles and also going back to history that has stuck with me and I think will forever .

You are a very inspirational lady and your talk was so passionate I have now got such a different perspective on how people of any race, colour or religion have all had problems that I was in some ways ignorant too”.


Anita Brown​

Catering & Cleaning Service Manager

Stockton‑on‑Tees Borough Council

“Jacqui is the chair for the APSE Southern region Commercialisation, Income Generation and Trading advisory group, a role she has undertaken for many years.

She has been a visionary in that area steering organisations around Commercialisation, an example of which can be seen in the facilitation work she undertook with Kent commercial services and Luton Council to launch a new recruitment venture.

She has also been instrumental in helping to develop the work of the association in the area of Equality, Equity and Diversity also Charing meetings in that field..

As the chair for these meetings , Jacqui is a good communicator, actively listening and facilitating productive discussion among our delegates. She is quite apt at setting the scene for the meetings, ensuring full participation and maintaining control, also asking questions, and providing feedback. She also ensures the meeting runs within the set-out time limits.

Jacqui is a very able , confident and capable chair driving discussions and pushing forward and building the agendas for the various areas she is passionate about.”


Abi Ademiluyi

Principal Advisor

APSE Southern region

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jacqui over a number of years in Luton and South East England more generally. Jacqui is a fierce champion for diversity and the positive contribution arts, culture and heritage can make to building stronger, fairer and more socially just communities. Jacqui ensures that the lived experience of those facing discrimination are considered and brings constructive challenge to those with the power to deliver change. Jacqui is a force for good in the world”


Hedley Swain

Chief Executive

Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust